Three Go Adventuring Again

Two videos (projection and digital monitor), 26 pieces of floral fabric, 18 coat hooks, 3 coat stands, a blue crash mat. Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2015.
Ortonandon- Green Screen 3 JPEGFamily Patterning StillOrtonandon-Green Screen 5 JPEGFamily Patterning, Video stills, Digital Projection, 8 mins

How To Die (video still)How To Die (video still 2.) copyHow To Die, Video stills, Digital video played on monitor, 7 mins

K077_018Installation image of floral fabric on coat hooks
K077_023-EditInstallation image of Family Patterning projection and three coat stands with floral fabric
IMG_0777Installation image of How to Die on digital monitor and blue crash mat for audience participation
Essay accompanying exhibition by Deborah Jackson for Map Magazine